About Us

About Us

“Giving Back to the Hills Foundation LLC” is a non-profit charity organization. The organization was founded in 2016 by Rohan Morrison and his nephew Kirkland Aris along with the support of their Family and Friends.

The foundation was created with the sole purpose of helping the less fortunate, children and elderly members of the communities in the parishes of west rural St. Andrew, St. Mary and St. Catherine, Jamaica; where their family originated from. Since 2016, every third week in August the foundation hosts an annual event “Giving Back to The Hills”​ which focuses on giving back to the communities in these parishes of Jamaica. With this event, the charity provides free health and dental screenings, free haircuts to students and the elderly, and free back-to-school supplies along with free meals and desserts. This essential event provides needed services and assistance to the people of these communities who without this event would not be able to access these services or afford the supplied goods.

This Charity Foundation also provides partial-tuition scholarships to qualifying applicants to help finance their education. This program is open for all grades and all who meet the basic requirements. They are required to remain in good academic standing at their school.

The Foundation also has an internet café nestled in St. Andrew’s residential area. The cafe is a stop on the way home or close to home for many students. At the cafe, homework assistance and free internet access is provided to students within the community who don’t have internet access or an electronic device in their home. In the daytime, the cafe serves as a resource for the elderly and the adults in the community who want access and exposure to technology. We hope to offer literacy classes and job training in the future. Unfortunately, more than half of the families in the district do not have internet access or computers, laptops and related devices in their homes. The cafe has become a necessity to the community offering children the ability to complete their assignments

electronically and for adults to boost their exposure to tech. Our goal is to start advancing the community and school district with technological exposure in hopes that it will grant them access to knowledge and information to move them more into the 21st century. The café is open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Another goal of the charity is to open a health clinic by the end of 2020. We want to offer free, high-quality health care to our parishioners. The clinic will be staffed with a doctor twice a week and a nurse Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm. We know that happy and healthier people will make our community a better place for everyone.

This organization is solely dependent on charitable donations mostly monetary and kinds alike. Our major contributors are Eustace (John-Lue) Campbell, Stanley Dennis, Mark Benjamin HQ, Red Stripe, Harpers and Sons, Greater Deliverance Ministries, Caribbean Choice Restaurant DBA Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and many others.

We are a registered organization under the Companies Act of Jamaica and a registered charity under the Charities Act of Jamaica under the Department of Co-operatives & Friendly Societies.

Our Mission

The hallmark of our mission statement for this non-profit charity organization is based on one premise only “Committed to Service with an Undying passion for Excellence”.

Our aim is to improve the health, economic and social conditions of the elderly, children and less fortunate community members of west rural St. Andrew, St. Mary and St. Catherine Jamaica. With the hopes of helping them to achieve what they might have thought was impossible.